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About the Practice

At Dawson Med, residents in Wilmington, North Carolina, can cover both comprehensive  primary care and urgent care needs at the same outstanding practice. Umar Bowers, MD, Tiffany Bowers, FNP-C, Sandy Taylor, FNP-C, and Caitlin Jacobs, FNP-C, offer both primary care and urgent care services, assisting patients of all ages, from young adults to geriatrics, across a wide spectrum of needs.

Primary care serves as the starting point for all health and wellness services at Dawson Med, including a special focus on women’s health. Preventive care is a foundation within primary care, including services like medical weight loss, which can significantly improve overall health. Comprehensive physicals ensure patients receive appropriate screenings for their age and sex. 

Chronic disease management seeks to improve daily quality of life for those living with issues like diabetes, heart disease, or hypertension. Your highly trained medical professional provides customized care for chronic conditions, as treatment, can be adjusted as needs shift and change. 

When an unexpected illness or injury arises, acute care is provided through sick visits or urgent care walk-in visits, conveniently available seven days a week, including COVID-19 testing. Dawson Med also provides many services through telemedicine

Knowing where to turn can make a world of difference, and being treated by familiar practitioners in a familiar setting can help relieve stress in times of need. 

State-of-the-art technology combined with evidence-based care guides all diagnostic and treatment services at Dawson Med. Practitioners attend ongoing training to leverage these tools to the greatest advantage.

Dawson Med is hard to beat for residents in the Wilmington, North Carolina area who are searching for top quality integrated care and access to urgent care services. Call or click to set up an initial visit to meet the team and learn more about available services.